Teste de Inglês | Intermédio

a) She wearingb) She has wearingc) She is wearingd) She wears

a) goingb) goesc) to god) does go

a) Does your friends liveb) Are your friend livec) Does your friend lived) Do your friend living

a) isb) wasc) wered) are

a) gob) wentc) goesd) is going

a) didn’t watchb) didn’t watchedc) don’t watchedd) don’t watch

a) has never travelb) is never travelledc) have never travelledd) has never travelled

a) I knowb) I’ve knownc) I knewd) I am knowing

a) is playingb) playc) playsd) to play

a) passesb) will passingc) will passd) is going to pass

a) can’t to comeb) couldn’t comec) can’t comed) can’t coming

a) herb) theyc) hisd) their

a) itb) hec) himd) them

a) haven’t youb) you havec) have youd) did you

a) do Ib) am Ic) I wouldd) would I

a) some informationb) informationsc) some informationsd) an information

a) I am ill neverb) I am never illc) I never am illd) Never I am ill

a) atb) inc) tod) on

a) inb) atc) tod) for

a) more big carb) car more bigc) car biggerd) bigger car

a) worse thanb) the baddestc) the most badd) the worst

a) to smokeb) smokingc) to smokingd) smoke

a) won’t buyb) don’t buyc) am not going to buyd) wouldn’t buy

a) clean oneb) a clean onec) cleand) a clean

a) nob) someonec) no oned) anyone

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