Teste de Inglês | Básico

a) Thisb) Thesec) Thatd) Those

a) Whatb) Wherec) Whod) How

a) hisb) theirc) hersd) theirs

a) Whenb) Whosec) Howd) What

a) there isb) there arec) is thered) are there

a) is readingb) readc) are readingd) is read

a) Does your sister liveb) Do your sister livec) Your sister livesd) Your sister live

a) likeb) likesc) don't liked) not like

a) to gob) goesc) god) going

a) passb) passesc) will passingd) will pass

a) itb) himc) herd) its

a) isb) wasc) ared) were

a) don’t gob) don’t wentc) didn’t god) didn’t went

a) nob) no onec) someoned) anyone

a) will beb) isc) would bed) was

a) studiedb) studyc) will studyd) would study

a) knowb) knewc) have knownd) am knowing

a) has never traveledb) have never traveledc) is never traveledd) has never travel

a) do youb) like youc) don't youd) are't you

a) a fewb) a littlec) fewd) little

a) startedb) has startedc) was startingd) had started

a) orb) eitherc) nord) so

a) eitherb) soc) neitherd) nor


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